If it moves, it’s Physics

One of the simplest definitions of my particular sphere of science is: ‘if it moves, it’s Physics’.

Fitting then that our year 10 topic is the Physics of Forces and Motion. It’s a topic that lends itself to practical activities as it is inherently a practical topic. So far this term we have, amongst other things:

  • Thrown eggs out of the window (with a parachute to demonstrate air resistance)
  • Speeded up a trolley car using ramps or weights to accelerate it to high speed to demonstrate how a force causes acceleration
  • Strapped an egg to a trolley car and accelerated it down a ramp into a wall to demonstrate crumple zones in car safety
  • Simulated a ski jump using a marble on a track then flying through the air to investigate factors that increase the length of the jump
if it moves, it's Physics

But there’s more to come. Next we’ll be racing a remote controlled car on the ceiling (it sticks there with suction, a vacuum is created under it). We’ll be designing rockets that go straight up about 30 metres and then glide smoothly down and we’ll be investigating elasticity by testing springs to destruction. 

If it moves, it’s Physics.

If it’s Physics, it’s fun.

Ayd Instone, Head of Physics