I like everything here

I came to Fyling Hall school at the end of August and I like everything here. The people, the teachers and members of staff, the school and the surrounding area, especially the sea and the bright green hills of England.

But my favourite thing of all is the weekend. Every weekend at Fyling Hall there are different trips planned with the boarders and the daily students. We did different activities like bowling, go-karting, or a beach BBQ. Often there is also the opportunity to go to Scarborough or Whitby to go shopping.

Last weekend, we went to go bowling at Teesside Park. It was really fun, we bowled in two groups and after that we could all buy food. When we were driving back to school everybody was really tired. On Sunday, we went to go shopping in Whitby and a teacher drove us there in the school bus.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend, like all the weekends here. I really like that the boarders are all so close to each other and I think that is also because of all the fun activities we do together. I really do like everything here.

Rosa, Year 11, from Germany