I came here with a little fear

My name is Alvaro, and I am from Barcelona, Spain. I came here with a little fear, and I was thinking if I am going to be okay, or how is it going to feel being in another country far from my family. But when I came here since the first time I feel like in home, and in some aspects better than home. Here in the school you have so many teachers that they are so friendly and willing to help you in the case that you need help ore a problem, even one of the members of the staff called Miss Anders has a dog called Bailey that it is a puppy (is so cute) and we can be with the dog and go for a walk with it after school. At weekends we usually do some activities like BBQ in the beach, or go to do kayaking, we have enough freedom in the thing that we can do. For example we can go to Whitby, Scarborough or make plans out of the school.

The school has good installations like one library, a sports hall, music room with instrument if we need to practice ore record something, a big garden in the middle of the forest, horses if you want to do horse riding. And one of the things that i like is the food, if you are musulman, vegetarian ore vegan you have an especial meal for you included a salad bar that you can chose a few options that you can take for your food. 

In my opinion the school is so good and in theory I will be the first term of the course. While I came here with a little fear, now I am thinking to stay for the year. 

Alvaro, Year 11