I blamed my parents . . .

When it was decided that I was going to study in an English boarding school, far away from my family, I blamed my parents. Why send me off? But I have realised they wanted my future to be better.

The first day when I arrived, I was worried about my English but since I arrived at Fyling Hall, I’ve received fantastic support from my English teachers. I had such a warm welcome from the staff and pupils, it was wonderful. It is a small community and soon I felt like it was my new family. I missed my home but the house master creates a great atmosphere in the boarding house so you don’t feel like lonely. I didn’t feel like the new guy for long. The after school activities help you get to know people really quickly; like football in the Sports Hall and films every weekend.

Lessons are very different from my old school. In the first two weeks I didn’t understand a lot of my lessons but after that I felt that my English improved much faster. I enjoy the way that English schools teach international students. I get extra English lessons and the teachers make sure that you learn the language quickly so you can lean your other subjects easily.

The thing I enjoy most is rugby. I had never played this game before, but I was picked to play for the school, this helped me to make friends and learn more about English culture. I scored in my first game, and this was the best moment of my term!

Now I have my own goals for myself, and it is all thanks to Fyling Hall who made me feel part of their family and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I would also like to thank my parents who cared about me and gave me this chance to study in England.

written by a former FHS boarding student