How to spend half term

How to spend half term is a question many have been asking. For boarding pupils, half term is usually an opportunity to return home, and like our other students, to relax with family and to get away from school for a few days. However, given the current restrictions and quarantine times for our international students, many are again staying on school site over the break. Now the country is out of lockdown and more activities are available to us, the boarding staff have been arranging a series of day trips to keep all our boarders entertained.

In Year 10, Marcus and Richard are thrilled about go-karting at Teeside, there was much discussion over who is going to win in their class! Whilst Maria is looking forward to the water park trip; Yamina, Liza and Lena are most excited about visiting York for some shopping and have already begun planning where they would like to go.

Year 11 pupils have had a jam-packed schedule of assessments over the last few weeks which has required extra revision most evenings. It is not surprising then that Hyunbin and Nikita are focused on relaxing over the holiday. In fact Hyunbin doesn’t plan to stray too far from either his dorm room or the dining hall! A much deserved rest before they return to lessons for the final few assessments; the deadline for grades for teachers is 18th June.

How to spend half term? Whatever our pupils have planned, be it inspirational trips, invigorating walks or just spending some time with friends, we know they will have a fantastic time. We look forward to seeing them soon for the final weeks for term.

Lizzie Jeeves, Head of ESL