How quickly our pupils have adapted

I can’t believe how quickly our pupils have adapted to the new normal. Junior School students have taken absolutely everything in their stride from social distancing, deli lunches, constant hand washing, using sanitiser gel or “squeeze and go” as my form now call it, to coping well with the many new routines in every aspect of their school day. 

But, the thing that really stands out is their happiness to be back at school; happy to be learning, happy to be seeing their friends, happy to be making new ones, just happy to be back. This was clearly evident when I did my learning walk on Friday morning. The pupils were engaged in their learning, talking animatedly and wanting to tell me about the house points they’d earned, about what they were doing; it was absolutely wonderful and so lovely to hear them laughing and truly enjoying being back at school. 

The deli lunches are a huge hit, and we’ve loved having picnics outside this week. Forest school was glorious and the pupils are so good at keeping in their respective bubbles

Lining up in the stack yard at the beginning and end of each day has worked well, better than we’d expected. Wearing games kits all day is very popular too. 

The feedback from parents has been fantastic, their children are coming home “ buzzing” about their day. Long may that last! 

How quickly our pupils have adapted still amazes me. Seeing those smiling faces has really made my week. Our Fyling Hall family is back together.

Mrs Amanda Freer, Junior School Headteacher