How much this school means to me

With half-term over, I already know how much this school means to me. At my old school in Germany, I didn’t like going to school at all, because the students and even some teachers weren’t nice. I’d lost my motivation to learn, I didn’t like my class, I generally didn’t like my school. Then my parents decided to send me to Fyling Hall.

It was the best decision my parents could have made, and I’m not lying. When I first started school in England I was very nervous but after a week I wasn’t nervous or anxious anymore. When I came to school for the first time, Miss Anders greeted me warmly and she brought me to two girls who had come earlier. In the next few days all the other boarding school children arrived. I made friends very quickly. All the boarders are nice, helpful, friendly, funny, and some are even crazy (in a good way!).

What I really like about this school is that children come from many different countries but everyone is in the same situation, so you are not alone. You always have someone next to you who is in exactly the same position.

I had never seen myself as a boarding school student. I always thought it would be bad, that boarding school students wouldn’t be nice, that the food would taste bad and so on. But I have to honestly say that Fyling Hall School is different. I have a lot of fun with my friends, you can always hear us laughing, doing lots of fun activities. Everyone is there for each other.

It is indescribable how quickly friendships can develop when you live in a boarding school. I am very happy to call the boarding house my second home. All of my boarding school friends are like siblings to me, no matter if they are boys or girls. I noticed how much I missed my friends during the holidays. I was looking forward to going back to school and seeing my friends again.

What I would like to thank the school for is that Fyling Hall has brought my motivation for learning back and that I’m much happier here. I like all of my subjects, especially the subjects that I hated in Germany. I have noticed that the teachers make the lessons here in England much more interesting and fun- and I’m learning as well.

Fyling Hall School really changed my life.

Ana, Year 10, Weekly Boarder