How much sugar can be found in drinks

Form 2 have investigated and researched how much sugar can be found in drinks and the effects of sugar on their teeth. Their research was done on a wonderful Science afternoon to accompany our topic of Animals including Humans.

How much sugar can be found in drinks

First the children predicted how much sugar was in a variety of different drinks and put them in order of their sugar content only. They were shocked at how wrong they were.

After much investigating the children finalised their order:

  • Water
  • Flavoured water
  • Energy drink
  • Vimto
  • Ribena
  • Coke
  • Strawberry Milk

I was shocked at how much sugar was in the strawberry milkshake because you would think it was healthy because it has milk and fruit on the bottle”


The bottle made us think the milkshake was healthy because it has strawberries on the front, we should have health stars on our drinks like they do in Australia”


After the children measured out how much sugar was found in their drinks we talked about the impact on sugar to our teeth and how we can look after our teeth. The children thoroughly enjoyed using Plaque Disclosing Tablets to show them if they have been brushing their teeth correctly. They all brushed them very well afterwards to get rid of their purple teeth.

“I liked seeing if I had done good brushing and it showed me if I brush areas of my more than others”


“It showed me that I brush one side of my teeth more than the other, it was really cool because I had no idea”


It was a great afternoon of Science. The children worked well together and asked some amazing questions, and it was wonderful to watch them question their predictions.

Lisette Vincent-Jones, Junior School Teacher