How it is to be a boarder

If you were wondering how it is to be a boarder at Fyling Hall, here are some of my amazing experiences. I’m a weekly boarder from Germany. My grandmother lives near school, so it’s nice to see her at weekends.

The first week was incredible, all the boarders got put in to tutor groups. Every day after school we had some adventures, though we don’t always do those as we have prep on a week night too. One day we went into Robin Hoods Bay to eat an ice cream, another day we went for a walk with Miss Anders and Bailey. We had a campfire as well.

I have met a lot of nice people. I have a friend called Maya, we have great memories together. We dance and sing and sometimes do very funny things together- I’m sure we’ll make lots more memories while I’m here!

I also have lots of good memories with boarders who only came for a term. I’m sad that they’re back in their home countries now, but I’m happy to still be in touch with them. All of them were lovely, and I hope I see them again soon.

How it is to be a boarder

In Germany where I live you don’t really get a lot of snow, so it was nice being here in the winter because it actually snows. On the days when it snowed, we played in the snow and had snow ball fights. One day during school Y10 and Y11 had a snowball fight- it was amazing but cold! Before we all went home for Christmas the boarders also had a trip to York. We could go in groups and walk around the Christmas markets. I always thought the Christmas markets in Germany were crowded, but if you compare the York one with the one in my city, York was overcrowded. It was amazing!

I like all the subjects here at Fyling Hall because the teachers make it more interesting and fun. Being here for only one year makes me sad because I know I will have to leave everything behind me but whenever I had a holiday I will visit this school, that’s for definite.

I’m looking forward to the next few months here at school and hoping there are new students arriving next term.

Ana, Year 10 Weekly Boarder