How does Fyling Hall compare?

Ever wondered how Fyling Hall compares? Fyling Hall’s Head of ESL (English as a Second Language), Mrs Jeeves, asked our Y10 ESL students to compare their school at home to Fyling Hall. The following is a combination of articles they wrote . . .

There are some quite similar aspects between my school and this one such as moving to different spaces in each subject, tutor groups, clubs and prep. However for the most part my Spanish school is very different. Fyling Hall is a little bit smaller than I expected but way better. Teachers are very good and the students are very nice and I thought I wouldn’t have any free time to rest. – Noel

We didn’t have any horses in my Korean school. In the subjects we had wood craft classes and we spent most of our time in our tutor classroom. When I arrived at Fyling Hall, I was impressed at the good field and astro and also I admired the great teachers and nice guys. – Hyunbin

When I came for the first time to Fyling Hall, I found this school very welcoming and friendly. I was reassured because I wasn’t alone in this same experience. – Tiphaine

If I compare Fyling Hall School to the one I’m going to in Germany, at first there are many things that are different. The first difference of course is that Fyling Hall is a boarding school; it’s got around 50 boarders and 130 dailies. In the German school I went to we’ve got way more students (1,200). Some of the things that Fyling Hall has but the German school doesn’t is the beautiful area it is in, the horses, uniforms and the same timetable everyday. – Kaja

There are lots of differences between my school and Fyling Hall School. My school has more people than here but the journey to school now is very short. Also in Fyling Hall School there are clubs after school for sport, music and art but at my old school there are no clubs. I really like the clubs and also at the weekend we have a good time here. Finally the classes are very good. – Victor

In my old school we didn’t have a really big pitch like here, we have a good sports hall too. There are lots of smart teachers and students here. – Arda