Horse-Riding and Stable Management at Fyling Hall

Why I enjoy the equestrian studies at Fyling Hall. 

The horses are a meaningful part of my time at school, it’s a way of learning that feels free, unconfined, akin to a hobby rather than a “lesson” .

Riding a horse isn’t something one can understand through an explanation, there’s nothing quite like it. I hear people referring to them as an “it” and it makes me cringe slightly, they aren’t just a dumb animal, they each have a unique personality like us, for example Jimmy is mischievous and cheeky, meanwhile Gracie is the opposite end of the spectrum, she’s polite and slightly shy, preferring to stay back and avoid the hubbub of the more boisterous horses. 

Learning to tack up and care for a horse gives a sense of responsibility, it’s an opportunity I am so grateful for and I couldn’t quite imagine school without them. 

By Jack Lord, Year 8 Student

Riding at Fyling Hall

With on-site stables, just a minute’s walk from the main house, horse-riding is part of life for many at Fyling Hall. There are 8 horses and ponies at our yard that are suitable for all capabilities and experience. We have been awarded with the maximum 5 star rating. This is assessed on our facilities, horses and our equipment and our stables as a whole. Many students look forward to spending their break times visiting the horses. Students can opt for horse riding as one of their weekly sports lessons and we can head out on horse-back in the moors, the woodland or even to the beach. Riding is much more than just getting on the horse. Students learn the skills they need and all round horse-care.

Stable Manager and Riding Instructor Coleen McQue

Coleen has 30+ years of experience working with stable-yards of over 90 horses coming from all different backgrounds. She has worked for the Saudi Royal family, amongst others and has trained up numerous grooms from around the world. Coleen ensures we have top-notch equipment and that horses and students are both happy!

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