On Wednesday the 2nd of March, the schools senior hockey team took part in a match against Lady Lumley’s. We all set off with our pack lunches at 1 to arrive at the sports fields at 2:30. The match was the last of the season (not counting the staff hockey match) and so for many of the team this was their final match. Unfortunately our current goalie was not able to play due to an interview for a future Sixth Form so thankfully Marion filled in. For her first time in goal she did excellently; Zoe also played for the first time in midfield and made some very good tackles. The match was a huge success; everyone tried very hard and put in a lot of effort! Despite all the hard work there were a few injuries: Leah got tripped up and grazed her hand; Sharron got tripped over… twice… but we got our own back. Anna accidentally put her stick in the way of two opposing team members and caused one girl to fall, roll around on the ground and then do a backwards roll in order to stand up!

The first goal was scored by Anna Sweeney during a short corner. The ball then stayed in their half for the majority of the game. Many shots at the goal were made resulting in one goal scored by myself and then scored by the opposing side with our assistance (they scored an own goal!) A new rule was introduced: if on a short corner a defender runs across the line they then have to go to the half way line. This new rule took us all by surprise but we used it to our advantage scoring a goal in a short corner. The match was very successful; the final score was 0-3. The woman of the match will be announced in assembly. Overall everyone played extremely well and should be very proud of themselves.

Isabella Clements (Year 11)