At times, the only way to gain a better understanding of the past is to get into character and get to grips with the people of the past, on their own terms.

The study of primary, documentary and artifactual evidence is essential. With this in mind, Year 9 pupils have undertaken role-plays as members of the Georgian gentry, based on their studies of the 18th century. How did the fashionable Georgian elite spend their time? Shopping, racing, gambling, gossiping, drinking and making improvements on their estates. This is the period of the agricultural revolution, of the expansion of industry, commerce and empire. Despite this growing affluence, it was also a period of political tension and consolidation, with foreign wars, Jacobite rebellions at home, and the formation of political parties, Tories and Whigs, that was to shape the course of history for the next century. How did the Georgians themselves feel about all this? Their diaries, letters and shopping habits all offer clues and help us to paint a picture of Georgian life as the Georgians lived it.

The Year 9s had a wonderful time stepping into their Georgian roles and flexing their acting muscles!

Mrs Harrington

Georgian role play 3

Georgian role play 5

Georgian role play 6

Georgian role play

Georgian role play4