History Challenge Winners!

Winners of round one of the Normans are invading!

History club wish to offer their congratulations to the following Key stage three pupils, who successfully tracked down and completed the quiz questions, and have now received their well -earned prizes! Hyunbee Jung, Olivia Hall, Lex Jeeves, William Kirk.

The questions were tricky and required a little thought and research. Do you think you could have done better? Here they are, with the answers!

The Peasant: In which battle, during which war was Nelson killed? Who took over his command and what was their French opponent called?

Answer: The Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Collingwood, 21 October 1805, Admiral Villeneuve. The Napoleonic Wars.

The Monk: Brother Bede has lost his quill pen, so he is taking a brief rest from writing his great work. Question: But can you tell me what this great work is called in English and Latin? What two famous places was Bede associated with, during his life? Where is he buried, and what special title has this venerable man been given?

Answer: The monastery of St. Peter and its companion monastery of St. Paul in Monkwearmouth and Jarrow Abbeys  in Tyne and wear in the kingdom of Northumbria. “Ecclesiastical History of the English people”, “Father of English History”.

The Knight: A dastardly event has occurred! A murder no less and in a cathedral! But can you find out who has been murdered? Who the culprits/murderers are, and the exact date of this horrible deed?

Answer: Archbishop Thomas Becket . On 29 December 1170, four knights, Reginald FitzhUrse Hugh de Morville William de Tracy and Richard le Breton.

The Queen is missing her jewels! She has inadvertently given them to her admirer and now she needs to get them back. But who can she send to retrieve them? Question: Who wrote this famous novel? When was it published? Who did the Queen give the jewels to and who retrieved them for her?

Answer: 1844, French author Alexander Dumas. The Duke of Buckingham and d’Artagnan, (Charles de Batz-Castelmore d’Artagnan) In the three Musketeers .

Could you do better do you think? Your opportunity approaches! Look out for new Norman invaders about the school, discover the answers to the questions and collect your prizes! Good Luck Sleuths!