Highlights from their Autumn Term

Before they broke for the holidays, Miss Havelock’s tutor group wrote down the highlights from their Autumn Term. This is what they said . . .

‘This term I did cross country three times. Something I liked was my football tournament. Another good thing that happened this term was it snowed so year seven, eight and nine had a massive snowball fight.’

‘This term I ran two cross countries and played two football fixtures. It snowed and we had a snowball fight.’

‘I loved school lessons and food, and I did lots of homework. We did cross country, I thought I was dying when I was running. We also played a lot of hockey matches.’

‘I had COVID and I stayed at home and watched lots of Star Wars and Marvel. Then I had to come back to school. At school I did a QR code project in ICT, I did it on Shrek.’

‘This term I went to Alpamare and bowling. Those things were the most exciting because Alpamare is a waterpark and it was the first time I went to one, the same for bowling. At half-term I went to Isabelle’s house and there I went to Whitby Kiln and Whitby Abbey. At Isabelle’s house we made cookies and I celebrated my first Halloween and I did my first trick or treat. I liked this term and I’m pretty happy with it.’

‘This term I have been to several sport fixtures such as: cross country, football and basketball. We are about to do Secret Santa and I got Terry’

‘This term I have done lots of things, like doing cross country. I like all the new teachers even though I have not had any lessons with some of them. I really like the book we are reading in English, The Northern Lights. Year 8 is really fun because my friends from the Juniors are now in Year 7’- Dylan.

‘This term I have done a lot of maths but also English which I have enjoyed. We have read the book ‘Darkside’ and are about to write a news report on a section of the book. In art we have been making Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ masks with lots of colour on them.’

‘This year I have really enjoyed doing a soap opera in drama. Its been really fun. I also enjoyed the first German test, I got full marks. Most of all though I enjoyed making posters in ICT. One of the projects we did was about QR codes, so I made a poster with a QR code about red pandas. I found out some awesome facts. I also made a poster about Sir Tim Berners Lee and how he created the world wide web.’

‘I played with Sam and then it snowed so we all had a snowball fight. I liked ICT because I made a QR code poster about John Broadwood pianos, which was fun.’

‘I did my first cross country races and I came 48th, 42nd and 43rd. I really enjoyed it! It was the best!’

‘This term I have done my first cross country race. I have also played in the under-13 hockey matches and started at Whitby hockey club. I even made the Scarborough district hockey club! I really like the new art teacher and how she teaches. I have done really well in maths and it’s really fun because Mr Parker is a great teacher.’

‘This term I finished ‘The Darkside’ in English with Mrs Milner. I had my first canter in riding outside of school. Also in riding we did trotting without stirrups which was tiring! I also learned Jingle Bells on the piano.’

Thank you 8J for sharing the highlights from your Autumn Term!