High quality education through virtual learning

With UK schools closed once again, Fyling Hall School will continue to offer a high quality education through virtual learning. Building on the infrastructure we put in place when the UK Government closed schools in March 2020, we are reviewing our initial guidance and will provide an update asap.

In the meantime and for w/c 4th January 2021, we will teach to the pupils’ timetable that is in the front if their school planner.  Mr Allen, Headmaster, added

Whilst it is not ideal to be out of school for the whole half term I am confident we will be able to provide a very interactive experience to ensure your child continues with their education. It is important we work closely together and so we will make sure you as parents have weekly contact with your child’s form Tutor to monitor progress.

Pupils in exam years

Specifically addressing pupils in exam years, Mr Allen commented

When we get further information about the format of assessment for the exam classes I will share this with you. It is crucial the exam classes engage with the online learning because inevitably there to be some form of assessment later in the year.

Is your child having difficulty logging into TEAMS?

If your child is having difficulties accessing TEAMS, please click below.

Updated Guidelines for School Closure and Online Teaching

We have also updated our safeguarding guidelines which details some of the procedures in place for both pupils and staff, e.g. being suitably dressed when on camera at home.  Please click below.

Working Together

By working together, we remain confident that we will continue to offer a high quality education through virtual learning. 

High quality education through virtual learning
Fyling Hall Staff TEAMS meeting