Harry Hartley Stick Challenge

What are you up to this weekend?  We take this opportunity to focus on Harry Hartley’s plans.  Harry is in Year 7 and joined FHS this term. This is his and his parents’ story. . . .

Harry was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in April 2012. He was four years old. It turned our world upside down and changed us forever.

Harry is now in remission and has three more years before he’ll receive the ‘All Clear’ His bravery and positivity throughout has inspired us to live life to the full and enjoy every moment.

A year into treatment, we started fundraising for Candlelighters, a charity that helps people emotionally as well as physically. We’re proud to say that Team Harry Hartley has raised over £70,000 so far.


During Harry’s treatment, he would have monthly chemotherapy, for five days after it, he would have to take a high dose of steroids.

That meant we’d never know if we would get ’emotional Harry’, ‘angry Harry’ or just ‘wiped out Harry’. The hardest part for us was watching his distress at not being able to control his emotions.

However, we found if he could channel his creativity, burn off energy and have his own space he coped much better. He loves the outdoors and he loves making things – so the stick creating started!

Go on grab a stick or two you never know you might enjoy it more than the kids! Follow us on Instagram @harryhartleystickchallengefor inspiration and help us spread the word.