Halloween Night 2022

After months of preparation and heated, anticipation-filled Sixth form meetings, it was on Thursday 20th October when students young and old alike ventured into the unknown depths of the 2022 edition of the prestigious Fyling Hall Halloween night. Despite the biting cold and thick blanket of mist, a tangible aura of excitement descended upon the participants as they gathered in the Stack yard, awaiting their haunted fate. A highlight of the evening, and an event which will go down in Fyling Hall history as the greatest Sixth form victory to date, was the Woodside haunted house; an aspect of the night which had pupils from year 7 to year 11 screaming in terror. Certainly, the all-out performance from Mr Thomas posing as a monster wild and ragged in attire had the seated hearts of many knocking at their ribs. Yet the haunted house was only one of many spook-tastic activities organised by the Head Students, with other honourable mentions going to the Pumpkin golf created in the Sixth form common room; a delight in its own right; which had contestants bustling to achieve the legendary ‘pumpkin in one’. After a plethora of terrifying activities, participants of the evening then headed to the dining room, shaking in their boots, in order to enjoy the traditional dinner of hotdogs and candy floss. Thanks to all those who participated and we are already planning for next year.

Emie May Burnett- Head Girl of Fylinghall