What are your half term plans?

Before half term commenced, Mrs Jeeves found time to ask some of our international students where they are going / what they are doing this holiday . . .

Kian (year 11) is on the school ski trip. – I won’t see my family until Easter. I’m going to beat Phoebe and Archie, since I’ve been skiing for 13 years. Watch out Mr Coates!

Hee Joo (year 11) –  I’m going to see Su (a former student) at university in London. We’re going to eat loads of Korean food and go to the Korean market. Su  has joined lots of other Korean students at UCL, and I’m looking forward to chatting with them all.

Simon (year 7) – I am going to Germany at Easter to see my family, but this holiday we are staying in Whitby.

Adrien (year 8) –  I am going to Paris. I plan to eat sleep and watch TV! I will go with my family to a village in the countryside too.

Max (year 8) – I am going back to Paris. I am going skiing in the French Alps with my sister and parents. 

Hoby (year 13) and Yifan (year 13) – We are staying with our guardians and catching up on work. 

Haeun (year 5) – I think my guardian has something really fun planned. I’m not sure, but I’m excited. 

Julia (year 11) – I’m leaving Fyling Hall this half term. I’m sad to go because all the people are great. I’ve made lots of friends. I like going to the theatre, the assemblies and being able to see the sea. I have to return to school in Germany on Tuesday, which is quite sad. 

However . . . Christian (year 11) wins at the holiday! – I am on holiday in the Caribbean over half term to spend time with my father. He has a house there, and he’s booked me onto a speedboat driving course!