Half Term Boarding Round-up

The boarding houses at our lovely, small independent school are quiet now, with students away for the half term break. It has been a busy half term with school work, trips and time with friends. While everyone is off enjoying their break, Bailey the dog is already looking forward to everyone’s return!

Boarding at Fyling Hall is being part of a big family and the start of 2023 has seen us working and relaxing together. For example, we had a fantastic trip to Rock Antics. It is described by our students further down this post. The climbing was enjoyed by students and staff alike. The trip to Jump 360 trampoline park was a big hit! However, we’ve also had fun closer to home, with trips to the town of Whitby and simply relaxing in one of the common rooms with our fellow students!

Playing board games might have been tense for some, but was certainly a good way to spend an afternoon. We’ve enjoyed popcorn, movies, gaming, pizza, sports in the sports hall and basketball court and simply playing some pool, or challenging our friends to a bit of table fuss-ball!  

The Outdoors and Horse-Riding at Fyling Hall

At Fyling Hall we believe the fresh air, the sea-views, the surrounding moors, the chance to walk in nature and the trees surrounding the classrooms give us a perfect learning environment, but they also have a hugely positive effect on students’ wellbeing. Those that like to horse-ride or, learn about and spend time with horses, took advantage of the outdoors. A lot of our boarding students opted to horse-ride during one of their games lessons each week. The on-site stables make this so easy (and meant that some of the students visited the horses in their breaks!). Students rode one of the 8 ponies at Fyling Hall Stables. They rode up to the moors, down to the beach, or practiced their skills in the field. Many will be looking forward to returning to the stables after their holidays.

“All in all I have to say that I am really starting to feel as a part of Fyling Hall School..” says one of our new students, Liz-Helena. At the end of this half term the new students have settled in well.

So, let’s hear more about Rock Antics from the students….

Rock Antics Review, by Isabella Emerson and Ava Jackson

We took a trip to Rock Antics in Middlesbrough. It was a test of strength, skill and agility. There was a variety of different climbing facilities, ranging from easy to difficult. Some you were able to free climb, then simply jump off and the others we were harnessed up. The free climbing was more a test of strength and skill as you had to hold on and keep balance long enough to work out you next move, you also had to make sure you didn’t fall off! However, when we were climbing with harnesses we could really focus on speed and sticking to certain colour routes. We took on a series of challenges but once we got the hang of it, it became a lot easier. Tackling a range of different routes and climbing walls some had, overhangs, others were curved and some even went UPSIDE DOWN!

When we got there, they provided us with climbing shoes even though they were a tight fit they gave so much extra grip when we were climbing and abled us to use the smallest grips. We started off by getting used to climbing without a rope by scaling along the smaller easier walls, once we had all got to grips with what we were doing we started on the more challenging stuff. The most challenging for us had to be this one wall where we went upside don and had to climb back around to reach the top! And we finished by doing a few goes on the harnessed climbing which was really fun. Over all we really enjoyed this week’s trip to ROCK ANTICS.