Great scope to travel the world virtually

Geography offers great scope to travel the world virtually – a necessity over the last couple of years! It enables pupils to gain insights into how others live, and to investigate how different, and similar, we truly are. My GCSE and A Level groups tend to be inquisitive about the world (probably why they chose the subject in the first place!) and they will often question what they read, not just accept it as fact.

When I asked some of my pupils why they had chosen Geography, this was the response.

“I decided to choose geography because I thought that it would be a good idea to have knowledge about different places around the world and all the different conditions that they live in.”

“Geography is a cognitive subject and helps me to navigate the world, and it is interesting to study different countries of the world.”

Miss Gilmour’s Y11 Geography Class

“I chose Geography as a subject after being engrossed by the wonders of the natural world in my youth. I enjoyed investigating ecosystems and habitats and now have the opportunity to study them in great depth.”

“I decided to choose geography for one of my GCSE subjects as I am fascinated by the physical aspect of it; in particular the coastal topic. Here at Fyling Hall we are privileged to learn in a beautiful location adjacent to the coast, and geography has allowed me to deepen my understanding of our surroundings.”

“I’ve chosen geography because it is the subject that gives a versatile view of the world, teaches to justify your thoughts and link them to the constantly changing environment.”

Former student and Head Girl, Phoebe, was delighted to put her Geography knowledge to use in her first term at university.

“Energy security was a recent topic in my Business Management degree. I was very pleased to draw upon my A-level Geography studies. They gave me a firm foundation when presenting on this topic.”

Are you considering Geography for your GCSEs or A-levels? What other topic gives you such great scope to travel the world virtually?

Adele Gilmour, Head of Geography