The Great FHS Bake Off!

This week saw the first ever “Fyling Hall Staff Bake Off”. You might have thought it was all over last week when Mary Berry announced the winner … but no! More delicious baking was to follow. Competition was fierce. Cheating was discouraged (but still happened). By Monday morning the dining hall was full of fantastic offerings.

Year 13 and 7 had introduced and hosted the ‘Fyling Hall Bake Off’ to raise money for charity.

bakeoff 1 thumb

The students paid to taste the teachers’ cakes, and to vote for their favourites. The winner, I can officially declare, was Ms Hornung. Arthur Green’s mother was a close second. Some entries had to be disqualified (*cough* Miss Walker and Justin *cough*). I am particularly proud to announce that there were no soggy bottoms present at the sale.

Many thanks to all the teachers who spent their weekends so creatively. Also thank you to everyone who bought the cakes: we raised over £150.

Isabella Austin (Year 13)

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