“Every minute of the expedition was worth all my blisters and sore muscles. The best views are always from the top of the hill! Landscapes in the Lake District are gorgeous and I have seen some spectacular waterfalls and meanders. The expedition was also an opportunity to do things I thought I was incapable of doing. Climbing up a hill that was almost vertical in some places was hard and many times I thought ‘I was crazy thinking I could do this expedition!’ But in the end I finished it and probably the best reward is having much more confidence and less doubts about what I can achieve.

I also realised that you can’t stop in the middle of the route. If have you already set off, you have to keep on walking and get to your destination! And being a part of a team with the same goal really helps and motivates you.

Some other things that I learnt include:

Number one: try not to fall into a stream right after putting on dry socks.

Number two: flapjacks are your best friend, always.

Number three: campfires are great for team building and scaring midges away.

Not spiritual maybe, but I humbly believe that they are excellent pieces of advice that may be useful to the future generations of DofE participants from our school.”

Asia Koter (Year 12)

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