020Gabriel Hodgson (Year 7) may be given the opportunity to represent Malton Riding Club in the Team Dressage Competition this  November. Gabriel has also recently won a local one day event (which included show jumping, dressage and cross country), where he competed against other riders. 

Gabriel has been training with Wendy Bulmer, the school’s Riding Mistress, since he arrived at the Junior School and has made great progress.  Both Wendy and the school are very proud of Gabriel’s  determination and commitment. Wendy has commented that Gabriel: “shows both skill and a natural empathy with his pony”.

As well as riding and coaching, Wendy offers all interested students the opportunity to take part and gain experience of horses and horse riding in a number of ways.  Students have participated  as helpers and grooms during local events, as well as helping to steward and fence judge at competitions.  Pupils  are encouraged by Wendy to enjoy and experience the broader aspects of being in the ‘horsey world’ and clearly Gabriel has benefited:

 Gabriel said “I have been riding since I was three, but Wendy has made it even more fun!”019