Last Friday, Ameena Ashcroft, an Upper 6th prefect who boards at Fyling Hall School, organised an end of year meal for all of the staff and boarders of the girls’ houses. The special guest for the evening was Claire White, the daughter of our famous founder, Mab Bradley.

Invitations included the dress code of “wear something pink, white or blue” and the girls did not disappoint. A sea of very beautiful (and colour co-ordinated) girls arrived on the terrace for photos and drinks before the meal began.

Ameena even employed the services of a selection of Fyling Hall boys, who expertly waited on the guests’ every need during the evening.

Pauline Gibson and her team organised a sumptuous buffet and Ameena even managed to arrange for the sun to be shining on the terrace.

The meal came to an emotional climax as Ameena delivered a speech of thanks to the staff who have looked after the girls this year. In particular, Miss Adele Gilmour (Head of Girls) and Miss Emma Anders (Matron of Main House) were thanked for their tireless work and dedication to the girls’ welfare.

Miss Gilmour and Miss Anders were presented with two personalised and touching gifts to always remind them of the Fyling Hall Girls of 2013/14 and the night ended with a spontaneous, but heart felt speech from Miss Gilmour.

Well done Ameena – the night was a resounding success.

Adele's speech girls at table presents boys dining hall girls outside group photo table