Getting creative in maths

Fyling Hall’s Year 9s have been getting creative in maths. They have been exploring the connections between 3D and 2D shapes. They have learnt about nets, plans, elevations and using isometric paper to represent 3D shapes. This linked perfectly with the work some of them have been doing in design where they have made a 3D shapes from its net.

As you know we always love to look for links between maths and other subjects. Which reminds me that this week Mr Todd received the completed textile wall hanging of the very colourful Rangoli patterns Year 9s started in maths and completed in art last year. Our Teacher of Art hopes to hang it in our Wellness Room.

You will see from the pictures the Year 9s produced some excellent work in class and for prep. They are rightly proud of what they have produced, particularly Gracie, Mari and David. It was great to see them engaged and focused on a variety of tasks, but they also insisted I took a picture of them having fun. One student commented,

‘they need to see us working but also having fun in lessons then they will want to come to our school’

I could not have said it better myself. Getting creative in maths is a joy! Especially with the help of Ms Harris. An absolute whizz with glue and scissors, we could not have done it without you!

Ms Mitchell, Head of Maths