On Saturday the 25th of April, we (four pupils from Germany and the A-level German students) visited the famous Abbey in Whitby. First we went to the graveyard to talk about Dracula and his connection to Whitby. Because of the bad and very cold weather we went into the museum to read about other stories and legends about this town. We read a few chapters from Dracula, and in German-English pairs we worked out some questions about our chapter of the novel.

We went to the graveyard again to present the results and we had a look at the places which were described in Mina Harker’s diary.

During our stay we met a lot of strangely-clothed people who visited the Abbey because of the gothic festival.

Back in the museum we wrote some Gothic poems.

One of the tip’s purposes was to improve the German skills of the English students. That is why the poems – Haikus and ‘Elfchen’ – are written in German.


Der Himmel ist grau

und es scheint keine Sonne.

Wann wird es enden?

                                        (Greg & Franka)


Schüchtert ein,

in der Nacht,

aber es beruhigt auch.


(Piotr & Salina)


Alter Baustil

Romantik und Horror

Seltsam ungewöhnlich unverständlich angsteinflößend.


(Pippa & Matthias)



Then we went up to the Abbey, a great ruin. We read about its history since 500 A.D. We had a look at the different parts of the Abbey while taking pictures in the rain. Although the weather was really stormy and wet we had a lot of fun. We finished our trip in the café of the Abbey museum.


Written by Antonia, Salina, Franca and Matthias (Year 10)

German trip4

German trip2