It was the first day of the second month and the intrepid year 11 Geographers were set to storm the neighbouring town made famous for its jet and Captain Cook. The group must have felt much as he did upon setting off into the vast unknown – nervous, yet excited; doubtful, yet resolute in their beliefs and determined to face the challenge head on!

The town did not know what it was in for – once set upon a task, the group can be tenacious and persistent, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for answers to those deep burning issues. Are there enough carparks? Do locals feel that there are enough litter bins? Are tourists taking over?

As ever, differing groups approached their tasks in a variety of ways – some split up the chores and went off in opposing directions, some stayed as a tightly packed group and worked as one and in some cases, alphas delegated to those who were lower down the chain of command! Whatever decision was made, the work was eventually completed and the sheets were collected in. As can be seen from the photographs, the boys’ idea of work differed greatly from that of the girls’! One can only hope that the results will speak for themselves!

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