238aOn Friday April19th, the AS geography class set off for Whitby, the fair beauty of Yorkshire’s coast. Here we collected data about the amount of traffic and pedestrians, as well as the commercial structure of Whitby assessing the number of different shops. For the author of this article it was a particularly joyous incident, as he, being forced to admit with shame, had never visited Whitby before. I think that it is not overstating to say that we all were enchanted by Whitby’s extraordinary charms, its old harbour which Stoker was inspired by for his novel ‘Dracula’ and where the famous explorer Thomas Cook set sails for his new discoveries, its beaches and of course its history looking down on us from the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

After having ascended the famous “199 Steps” Miss Gilmour took us to the next target of our trip. Now we found ourselves at the banks of a river where we were to conduct various experiments to collect statistics which hopefully will be useful in our exams. Fortunately not all members of this expedition were such cowards as myself, so Ameena, Sammy and Elisa put on their wellingtons to assess the stream’s width, depth and velocity which caused rather unpleasant moments for Ameena who ended up in the middle of the river screaming: “I’m freezing! I’m freezing! I’ve never been so freezing in my life!” Still the expedition went rather well except for two sudden attacks by two giant dogs that even made this heroic author shiver for a second and spontaneously cross the river. All in all it was a very successful day for science that also meant a lot of fun for all participants.

Philipp Lurken Year 12