On Monday 23rd June, the whole of Year 9 went on a trip to Flamborough Head and Bempton as part of their ‘Coasts’ topic. Below are some pupils’ comments on the day.

“We have been learning about different coastal landforms and headlands are on of them. We have been studying how the sea can change the land by erosion or deposition and what the consequences are.”

Daniela Perez

“I managed to spot every kind of bird; some of my fellow pupils were not so lucky. An interesting fact we learned was that Gannets have air sacks in their lungs and head to deal with high pressure under water while hunting fish.”

Roberto Matos

“We saw stacks that were cut off off from the mainland. Small birds use this as an advantageous nesting point.”

Aaron Preston

“We learned that Puffins can fit up to 61 Sandeels in its crop at a time. We also learned that seabirds that nest on cliffs lay eggs with a pointed top so that they don’t roll off. Females also have a unique pattern on their eggs so that they know which nest is theirs.”

Annabelle McAdam

“Flamborough was a headland and the beach was in a small bay. The cliffs were made of chalk and there was a good sized stack in the sea. We saw some awesome birds, each with their own unique adaptation.. I could have stayed there all day.”

Corbin Shearing

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