Geography students put their creativity to the test

How might Geography students put their creativity to the test? Fyling Hall’s Head of Geography, Miss Gilmour, shares some examples from Years 7 and 9. Take a look!

Year 7s

Our most recent, and still current, topic is population. Year 7 have been learning all about how populations change over time and the reasons behind those changes. I thought it would be interesting to then let them all create their own country, thinking about matters such as the culture, food, festivals, language and trade . . . to name but a few. The Year 7s were extremely inventive, some creating new languages, some having unusually named monarchs, or distinctive national costumes! 

Year 9s

The year 9s have been studying the topic of tourism over the last few weeks and I set them a task of creating a well-known, iconic landmark or event that would inform the observer immediately of where in the world they were. They could use any medium for the task – food, plasticine, Lego, anything they would find at home basically. Some were more successful than others in this quest, although all seemed to have fun achieving it! Can you guess where they are?

Can you name the country / location?

Well done to our Geography students who have certainly put their creativity to the test!