First night! All settled in and working well on the theory ready for the practical tomorrow.

geog day1

Day 2! In Helwath Beck putting all that theory into action! Gathering data on the river’s width, depth, velocity and rock size/shape. Despite a few wet feet and drizzle, the groups worked together well, taking care to avoid any accidents in the water. Site 2 was at Jugger Howe Beck.

geog day2 4

geog day2 5

geog day2 1

 Day 2, site 3! Broxa! Standing on the neck of a meander! Unable to go in here unfortunately as it was too fast and too deep due to the amount of precipitation but all had fun nonetheless. Lots of us slipped in the mud but we were well protected with all of our wet weather gear.

geog day2 site3 1

geog day2 site3 3

geog day2 site3 4

 Day 3! An urban study in Malton investigating how the town changes with distance from the centre (CBD). The pupils worked in groups of 2 or 3, completing pedestrian and traffic counts. They then walked along a transect to classify the function of the buildings for the first two floors. Finally, they conducted an EQI which graded the quality of various areas to see if they differed and why. Then it was back to the centre for some analysis and evaluation one final time and then back to their respective homes! They were tired by the end of the weekend but had all learned lots ready for their exams!

geog day3 2

geog day3 3
On a personal note, I would like to say a very big thank you to all the pupils for their fantastic behaviour. Comments were made about how mature and well behaved they were and they were all very helpful when I needed pulling out of the mud! Despite a few grumbles (due to tiredness I believe) they showed exemplary behaviour and it hasn’t put me off doing another field trip!

Miss Gilmour