GCSE Geography Exam Preparation

In preparation for their GCSE geography exam, on the last day before exams the year 11s visited Falling Foss where they undertook a river study. They visited several sections along the river, collecting data on the width depth and speed of the river at each section. Working together, they gathered the necessary information, reminding themselves of why they were doing each one. In June, they will sit an exam on these very techniques and the justification for using them.

In the afternoon they visited Scarborough to conduct the human element of their fieldwork, where they investigated the land use along a transect, did traffic surveys and completed some Environmental Quality Indexes for the area (these look at the general quality and score on things such as noise, litter and graffiti). Hopefully, they will all feel even more prepared than they already were.

A massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Newman for putting on lunch for us all at their Falling Foss Tea Garden. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.   They spoilt us with their soups, sandwiches and cakes. It was a wonderful well-deserved break after being in a cold river all morning!