Games lessons in the “new norm”

What do Games lessons in the “new norm” look like?  In “normal circumstances” Fyling Hall students will have taken part in a variety of activities. Football, hockey, badminton, HIIT sessions, cross country, golf, horse riding and mountain biking would all have been on offer. Since the introduction of #PEwithaDifference, our aim has been to give every individual the opportunity to enjoy and pursue one of these activities, not just now but for many years to come.

Post lockdown and the introduction of bubbles, the individual element within games lessons is a bit more challenging.  To maintain bubbles, single group activities are undertaken.  Of course, the recent glorious weather has made this a bit easier as has our amazing view! 

We are also taking breaks every fifteen minutes.  Pupils engage in their designated activity for short and sharp bursts before stopping to sanitise their hands and any relevant equipment.  This also helps with pacing the children’s activities levels as we ease back into regular routines.

We are not following the traditional autumn sports, but hockey is still being played  . . . with an emphasis on skills training. And rounders has been brought forward as it is a game boys and girls can play together.  Always following the government guidelines, Games lessons in the “new norm” still offer #PEwithaDifference, just a bit differently than we expected.

Marcus Coates, Head of Games