Fyling of the Stackyard strikes again!

Fyling of the Stackyard strikes again! It is the year 1888 and a vicious killer stalks the streets of London seeking his prey!

Fyling Hall’s own intrepid Year 9 sleuths are working hard to assist Inspector Fyling of the Stackyard to crack the clues and get on the trail of this dangerous assassin! History work is like detective work – it involves examining clues and analysing evidence. You have to organise your information, get the facts straight, and put events in chronological order.

Year 9 students have been practicing these skills in their recent study of one of Victorian Britain’s most famous murder cases: Jack the Ripper! Investigating this notorious case also gave them the opportunity to give close attention to the social problems of the Victorian age, such as poverty and crime, and to study the ways in which the Victorians responded to these challenges in the new industrial era.

Watch this space as Fyling of the Stackyard strikes again!

Mrs Victoria Harrington, Teacher of History