On Tuesday 19th, Fyling Hall School entered two teams into the Youth Speaks competition organised by the Whitby Rotary Club.

In teams of three, pupils are required to choose a topical subject to debate from a prescribed list chosen by the Rotary Club.  The teams consist of a Chairman (who introduces the topic and team), a Speaker (who delivers the main speech) and the Voter of Thanks (who thanks the Speaker on behalf of the audience and comments on the effectiveness of the speech.) The competition takes place in Whitby in front of a 70 strong audience and it is a closely organised and formal event.

Fyling Hall entered two teams in the Intermediate competition (The key stage three years) . Altogether, there were 6 teams entered from Caedmon School, Eskdale School, Whitby Community College and Fyling Hall.

photo 1Our teams included:

Corbin Shearing (Year 9)
Meghan Chandler (Year 9)
Reece Jones (Year 9)


Ailsa Legg (Year 8)
Cameron Davis (Year 8)
Maeve Sutterby (Year 8)

Both teams performed incredibly well and Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Park were proud of the hard work, commitment and performance on the night.

However, there can only be one winner on the night, and once the judges delivered their feedback on all of the teams, it was announced that Corbin, Meghan and Reece were the winning team.  The ‘Blog Busters’ succeeded in proving that ‘social networks present more of a danger than a benefit.’ Well done!