The year 7s have survived their first half term at Fyling Hall and are now hopefully settled and used to their new timetables and longer days. They have made a great impression across the school and it feels like they have always been here!! Here are some impressions and thoughts from some of the year 7s:

“The new year 7 pupils are really enjoying themselves. We all love the subjects; it is lots of fun every day at school and you even want to do prep!! Everyone gets on well with each other and the teachers are really nice.” Ethan Bortoft.

“Moving up from the junior school was a big step, but the teachers and pupils have made my first half term in the senior school fabulous!” Ailsa Legg.

“I have loved my first half term in the senior school. I have made lots more friends and made lots of progress in my lessons.” Joe Husband.

“The step up from junior to senior school is significant as it is so different in all aspects, but you eventually learn to love it. I have particularly enjoyed the resources we are allowed to use in lessons as they benefit us academically. It is hard to remember still when certain preps are due, but that will come in time. It does not matter what lessons you like or are good at because at Fyling Hall everybody tries to help you to your abilities.” Cameron Davies.

“Fyling Hall School has been a great experience for me so far and I recommend boarding – it is a fun thing to do. I really like Fyling Hall and I will miss our current gappy Joe after Christmas. Our tutor is great and the year 7 group is amazing. I want my time at Fyling Hall to be as great as it has been so far.” Kai Rhodes.

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