Fyling Hall’s School of Magic continues!

As Professor Freer explained in her recent BBC Tees interview, the school of magic is all about helping the pupils engage.  Whilst the main focus of the theme lends itself to creative writing, there are many other areas to explore.  Our most recent magical focus was on mini beasts and animal habitats.

You may recall Harry being allowed to bring a toad or a cat or an owl to school, according to the book-list. Harry’s companion, Hedwig, and other owls found in Harry Potter are based upon J.K. Rowling’s love, and fascination with, owls.  What better way to explore mini beasts than a special visit by the Whitby Falcolners!

The Falconers brought in a variety of birds including a Barn Owl called Esme, a Tawny Owl called Toby, Florence, the magnificent Eagle Owl and Biggles, a Scops Owl.  What majestic creatures!  Meeting the animals first hand gave pupils an understanding of food chains, keys and adaptations – all curriculum based, but with a twist.

What better way to embody our moto, “The Days that Make Us Happy, Make Us Wise”!