Fyling Hall’s fabulous film club

Fyling Hall’s fabulous film club really enjoyed talking about their latest movie. The Matrix was the latest film under review by Lex, Georgina, Gabriel, Jo, Josh, Arthur and of course, Miss Mansfield.

It has a complicated story throughout the film but a very basic overview is that a group of hackers run from secret agents through time and space. They glitch their way through the Matrix using cool visuals such as the phone line a a portal. 

The film is a fast flowing, adrenaline charged chase through time. It uses ‘incredable’ effects. In one scene Keano Reeves’ character jumps from a helicopter before it crashes and the slow motion movement and rippled time lapse is groundbreaking for its time. 

The director, Andy Wachowski, uses creative scene transitions that give the film it’s cutting edge. Brilliant cinematography throughout the whole film. The use of colour and scale creates tension and atmosphere.

We highly recommend this film, if you haven’t seen it before…and if you have, it might be time to watch it again!

Rating given: 4.5 stars

Big thanks to our fabulous film club for their insights!