Senior school pupils were able to enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds Fyling Hall recently, as they took part in a whole school orienteering competition.

In mixed age groups, pupils competed to complete a 7 mile orienteering course in the fastest time. However, in order for the groups to find out and then walk the planned route, varied and challenging group tasks had to be performed and completed in 6 different locations around the local area.

The winning team, led by Mrs. Wormald, completed the course in just under 4 hours!

Some of our pupils recall a few of their favourite tasks and moments:

“My favourite activity consisted in passing river water in a bucket through some ducts so the water arrived to another big bucket at the end. But the ducts weren’t long enough to make a way for the water so we moved the first duct to the end, while the water was kept in the other ducts and then passed all the water to the big bucket.
I really enjoyed this activity because it as a fun and organised group activity where we all could contribute some great ideas that were very useful when we were trying to solve the problem. I think it was very well organised by the teachers (Mr Weeks) and staff members (Peter) and we had a very good time.”

Ian Pons (International Student Year 9)

“We got wet. Very wet.  The activity was having to poor water into a tube to get the ball out. However, there was a catch. The tube had big holes and small holes and we had to try and stop the water coming out. Our group did not succeed; actually I don’t think any did. I really enjoyed this activity and thought it was a really good idea!”

Charles Harrison (Year 8)

“The activity I am going to talk about is the one Mrs Christmas and Mrs Orchard were doing. Everyone except one person was blindfolded. The one person who was not blindfolded had to instruct us to move a clothes hanger over a plastic bottle and move it out of the circle. It was extremely hard but enjoyable.”

Reo Smith (Year 7)

After a brief introduction from Mr. Allen, nine teams of pupils and staff set out for a 6 mile trek across the moors completing tasks along the way. My group may have got a little lost, (well that’s the excuse Mrs. Park used to explain why we didn’t win) and the Yorkshire farmer we met was polite but slightly difficult to understand at one point. But in conclusion we all made it home safely, if not a little tired and bruised.

Alethea Shephard (Year 8)

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