“Last Monday, the whole school took part in a 10 mile walk around the Robin Hood’s Bay area. Throughout the walk, there were several checkpoints with activities for the teams to complete. Each group was given a map, the coordinates of the checkpoints and a teacher, and we were left to find our own way back to our starting point, completing all of the activities.

These activities ranged from fishing for polystyrene floats and getting a hula hoop round a circle of people as many times as possible without breaking it, to reordering ourselves on planks of wood based on height and surname. Our teamwork skills were tested, as we were relying on each other in order to complete the tasks, so we could score as many points as possible. Each teacher also had their own individual tasks to complete at each checkpoint, and their points added on to the groups.

The most memorable challenge for the some of the staff was the dart throwing, as Mrs Wormald managed to hit the wall many more times than she hit the dart board! Miss Anders excelled at the cream cracker eating, beating all of the other staff with a time of 1 minute 16 seconds, without drinking any water. All of the staff and students put a lot of effort into the walk, and fortunately no team got drastically lost. However, Mrs Park’s team did misread the map and ended up thinking they had completed the walk, but instead had to walk back to Ravenscar as they had missed out a checkpoint!

Thank you to all the teachers who planned the walk and activities, in particular Mr Coates and Mr Squirrell, and congratulations to Miss Walker’s group who won.”

 Zoe and Connor (Years 11 and 10)

big walk

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