Fyling Hall Swimming Gala – 2023

Written by House Captains, Florence and Isabel Ruff.

The Swimming Gala was fantastic! All the students were sat down and ready for their turn to race and show everyone what they had learnt. A lot of people were very confident and some were nervous, I was shaking! Everyone was cheering their team on which was Red and Blue (Resolution and Endeavour).

The children’s parents were there to cheer them and clap for them for encouragement which made everyone else clap and cheer with them. Quite a lot of people came first in the races and the look on their faces, everyone knew that they were very happy with themselves.

Some lost but everyone was still saying what a great job they did.

It was very exciting to see what team had won, loads of people were shaking and you could see everyone was nervous. A lot of children were trying to hear the scores which made them go crazy and jumpy.

In the end Reds had 442 and Blues 460! Blues won, you could hear happy screams and a few of them were doing a happy dance, we had 3 cheers for Resolution (Reds) for doing amazing work.

Thank you to the sports staff for coaching us and thank you teachers for encouraging us to swim.

Florence Ruff, Endeavour House Captain

The Swimming Gala was a great experience. Everyone was confident, ready and excited, although some students had butterflies. Some came last and some came first, it was all still amazing, the parents were there to see their child’s progress and to cheer them on.

Most of the students were very nervous but once it was done they were so happy! When they went to the side of the pool they had a good amount of time to catch their breath and go again with a different stroke with the same confidence.

Everyone was so intrigued to see the score and it was very close, the teachers were there to see how much progress they had done from last year to this year!

Parents were clapping and cheering so that gave a lot of children the confidence to go a bit faster and to not give up. We had the so much fun! In the end Endeavour won with 460 and Resolution with 442! We had 3 cheers for Resolution.

Thank you to the Sports Staff.

Isabel Ruff   Endeavour House Captain