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Year 9 Music students have been working on a project that involved learning 4 key chords of music and combining them using a range of instruments. In groups, they chose a number of familiar tunes and created their own ‘mash up’, thus composing their own piece.

Mrs Wormald and Miss Rowland were both keen to give their classes a live performance experience. Being friends of the Music Port family, the opportunity arose in the form of the monthly Open Mic sessions that are available to any budding musicians, the first Sunday of every month, at the Spa Pavilion in Whitby.

Arriving at the Spa yesterday was Annabel McAdam with her violin, Susie Gaffney warming up her vocals and Su Kim hovering nervously around the piano! With baited breath, Mrs Wormald and Miss Rowland helped them to set up on the stage whilst the audience eagerly awaited their first live performance.

The pupils were spectacular; they performed with such confidence and a real air of professionalism. They received a huge round of applause and although they admitted to being nervous, it certainly did not show!

The group performed their own version of “Can You Feel the Love tonight”. It was a huge achievement for such young musicians and their teachers are very proud of all their hard work.