As the end of half term approached, the students spent their last evening with a Halloween theme and night of ‘frights’. The night started off with groups being led by the sixth form students around the grounds of the school on a spooky walk, scared along the way by hidden horrors from scarers and hanging bodies in the trees. There were stops along the way with apple bobbing, horror stories in the dark around the camp fires in the woods and braving the fear of putting hands into covered boxes unknowing the content and nasty things inside. Those who survived had hot dogs and Halloween gingerbread biscuits before going off to watch one of the three films – The Strangers, Woman In Black or Para Norman.

With the exception of the dead bodies in the trees and the one in the maths hut, all survived and hopefully had scares, laughs and enjoyed the fun! A great night and many, many thanks to all of the students and staff involved in organising and running the evening.

Halloween 4

Halloween 3

Halloween 2  Halloween