Fyling Hall has been amazing

2021 was my last year in Fyling Hall School, honestly stepping into a new phase in my life is quite challenging but Fyling Hall has helped me through this.

Even now I still remember my arrival into this school. I was very closed off at first because I had just come from Nigeria. It was a bit of a culture shock, but I adapted quickly when I got to know how the people from Fyling Hall are and how nice and welcoming they could be.

The class sizes were very small so it was easier for the teachers to monitor my progress and help me with the next steps. The matrons in Fyling Hall are so caring and always made sure that I was comfortable.

Boarding with some other Sixth Form girls gave me so many funny memories, and I’m sure we won’t lose connection after graduation. Also as my roommate, Arina, is vegan it really helped me to reconsider my meal plan and finally give up dairy after few unsuccessful attempts in past. 

Fyling Hall has been amazing, hopefully I meet people like the people I have encountered.

Laju, Year 13