“On Friday evening 3rd October, Fyling Hall celebrated Oktoberfest in order to welcome some of our new staff and pupils. Miss Dopp is our new German teacher and she originally hails from Germany and Mr Dey has recently been teaching in Bonn in Germany.

During the afternoon, a team of willing helpers transformed The Barn into a beer cellar, complete with blue and white bunting, trestle tables, fairy lights and ‘oompa’ music.

Following a short welcome from Miss Dopp and the traditional ‘ O zapft ist’ declaring our festival open, our German pupils gave a presentation to tell us all about the festival, its origins and traditions.

We were all astounded to find out that during the 2 weeks of the festival somewhere in the region of 6 million litres of beer are drunk and tonnes of sausages are eaten.

Our pupils were treated to a supper of hot-dogs, sauerkraut, potato salad, strudel and gingerbread, much of which was kindly donated by Lidl in Whitby, and they were allowed to drink 0.0% Bavaria beer specially ordered by Sainsbury.

The evening ended with a quiz prepared and delivered by our year 12 AS class, and some very noisy and enthusiastic kazoo playing of a traditional German song.”

Ms Hornung