On Thursday 5th February, 19 students from years 10 and 11 took part in the National Intermediate Maths Challenge. This involved an hour of mathematically challenging questions using acquired skills and logical thinking. The results have now arrived with some great scores and good efforts from all who participated. Particular congratulations go to the following students and their achievements:

Year 10

Suyean Kim – Gold certificate, best in the year group and the school

Jack Dudley – Gold certificate

Meghan Chandler – Silver certificate

Harrison Langton – Silver certificate

Franzis Hachenberg – Bronze certificate

Year 11

Fiona Ahlers – Gold certificate and best in the year group

Ross Archer – Bronze certificate

Zoe Catlett – Bronze certificate

Suyean has also been invited to progress to the next round called the Pink Kangaroo which is an invitation only entry for the top achieving students nationwide.

Miss Walker

maths challenge 2015