Fundraising Quiz Night and Raffle – Review

by Toby and Tomas Richardson, Year 12

It was on the eve of the 16th March, when 9 fearless teams converged in a clash of wit and reason; 36 cerebral titans, each with an erudite blade sharpened to a lethal point of staggering intellect. Huddled in their prospective corners the teams ruminated over tactics, throwing suspicious glances towards their opponents as a conspiratorial whisper penetrated the cognitive silence.

At long last, with team names chosen, the first round ensued, eliciting cries of jubilation and dread alike from the contestants as a fiendishly tricky sheet of anagrams was issued forth. Fuelled by Baytown coffee and the primal drive for victory, these scholarly gladiators battled through round after round with bloody execution, both the music and literature rounds left defeated in their wake.

Yet, in the fullness of time the night grew long, and, as all good things must, the Quiz drew to a close with a flamboyant fanfare-filled film-themed finish. Once all sheets had been retrieved, the room was blanketed in an apprehensive hush as one and all leaned forward, a sea of expectant faces awaiting the call of victory.

And the winners were…

But first, the raffle had to be drawn, a plethora of exciting prizes waiting to be won as ticket after ticket was drawn. Finally, with the lucky winners clutching their prizes in victorious grips, the time had arrived to announce the winner – those triumphant few who had bested the odds and, with the acknowledgment of all four corners of the globe, could flaunt their bragging rights proud. A hushed silence. And the winners were… ‘J & A’s Beaus’ – the first-place team consisting of Mr Mayne, Miss Havelock, Miss Gilmour and Mrs Swain, who, with radiant smiles, scooped up their voucher for a fish and chip dinner for 4, courtesy of the Fuscos.

Thank you

A big thankyou to all who came along or bought raffle tickets, and a massive thank you to those who donated prizes for the raffle;

  • The Sheveling Estate at Holmfirth Vineyard
  • Vicky and Alistair Grenfell
  • Madge and Pete McQue
  • BayTown Coffee
  • Falling Foss Tea Garden
  • Betsy and Bo’s Sweet Shop
  • The Beeforth-Miller family
  • The Fusco Family
  • Whitby Tyre and Exhaust Centre
  • Clara’s Coffee Shop
  • Botham’s of Whitby
  • Boyes

A massive thankyou as well to Mr Dillon who was quizmaster for the night and put together such a wonderful quiz.

All proceeds will be donated to The British Exploring Society.