Fundraising and painting in lockdown

As we enter another lockdown, Year 9 pupil, Katie, tells us about her fundraising and painting in lockdown. Based upon her experience from the first lockdown, Katie tells her story in her own words . . .

Background inspiration

In March 2020 the country went into Covid 19 lockdown. It was a new and scary time for us all. The Coronavirus pandemic began to take a heavy toll, particularly on the old and the vulnerable. Those working in the medical profession and in care homes worked tirelessly and in very trying circumstances, to care for those who fell victim to the disease. I wanted to do something.

The Larpool Hall connection

A friend’s Grandma was cared for by staff in Larpool Hall Care Home. She told me that staff were wonderful. They took care of her Grandma and nothing was too much trouble for them. That inspired me to do something for the staff there.

Sleeping outside for 4 months

I asked my dad to set up our tent in the garden. I took up a personal challenge to sleep out every night until the end of lockdown – and that is what I did. From the end of March to the end of July, I was out there. I didn’t miss a night. All the while the News was grim and care workers were having a really hard time, compared to me. Every night, even when it was cold, rainy and windy I climbed into my sleeping bag. I quickly got into a routine and the days became weeks, and the weeks became months. With the birds for company, the school nights, the weekend nights and the holiday nights passed and I slept soundly. When the first lockdown ended in July it was finally time to head back inside. I was sort of sad that my time under the stars had come to an end. At the same time I was so pleased, knowing that the impact of the pandemic was easing and that care workers could at last get back to some sort of normality.

A gift for Larpool Hall staff

During my time spent in the tent I collected some sponsor money. Of course, lots of people have been finding life tough. As such I never expected anything, but some people wanted to contribute. With the money raised I have been able to buy a special hot drinks machine for Larpool staff. Using special pods it is possible to make all kinds of tasty hot drinks.

Fundraising and painting in lockdown - a special hot drinks machine for Larpool staff

Support from Whitby Co-op

I spoke with the manager at the co-op and told her about my fund raising. She was very kind and offered to support my challenge. I have been able to supply lots of extra drinks pods thanks to Whiby Co-op.


During lockdown my school, like all others, was closed. My dad took charge of most of the home-schooling of my sister Emma, my brother Terry and me. The school kept me busy, with work tasks in all subjects being sent over the internet. My mum and dad kept an eye on me and helped out quite a lot.

I like my art and decided to do lots. I produced a timeline to help learn about important painters and art movements.

The summer term project asked me to look at the work of 3 modern painters. I then had to produce 3 practice pieces. These had to be based on the work of the 3 artists. I chose Helen Wells, Susan Black and Hannah Klaus Hunter. Next, I had to produce a single painting. It had to be inspired by my earlier pieces. It had to combine techniques learned and show that it had been influenced by the work of my chosen artists. I really enjoyed the challenge.

My dad bought me a pack of three canvases to inspire me to do my best work. I was pleased with my first effort, but not that pleased. So, I produced a second acrylic piece. Better, but not quite what I wanted. So, it was on to canvas three. The final piece is very abstract, but the styles of my three inspirational artists are captured there – I hope. I even made a stencil of the Coronavirus to include an image of that, too. I have called the abstract painting “Lockdown”.

Thank Katie for sharing your experience of fundraising and painting in lockdown. What an inspiration! You can read more in the 7th January 2021 edition of the Whitby Gazette.