On Thursday 12th February, the school organised a non-uniform day and fun run to raise money for the chosen charities this term – namely the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team and Roi the Orphan Elephant.

The whole school took part, with the juniors starting the run at 14.15.

At 14.30 it was the time for the seniors to run. They set off in earnest after a pre-run briefing from Mr Coates and the phrase ‘keep to the left’ ringing in their ears. The first hill on the ‘Mill Run’ was a daunting challenge, not only due to the tacky, slightly slippery surface underfoot, but also as a result of the extra portion of fruit crumble that many students had eaten at lunch in an effort to carbohydrate load weighing heavily in their stomachs!

By 16.15 it was all over. Once Mr Edge and Ms Hornung had checked all the race cards it was announced that the students had covered a total of 669 miles – an amazing achievement.

Many thanks to all the students who took part and to all the staff for making it such a successful event.

Mr Edge

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